Our Mission

To lead the coffee industry with exceptional services covering the entire journey from seed to cup. Empowering baristas, supporting roasters, and nurturing coffee entrepreneurs through specialised training and comprehensive workshops. Creating a future of empowered women, excellence in every cup, and positive global impact.

Our Vision

To lead a transformative revolution in the coffee industry, driven by passionate women entrepreneurs. To create a world where the impact of coffee goes beyond just a beverage, fostering positive change and empowerment for individuals and communities alike.



Someone has very rightly said…Coffee is nothing but a hug in a mug. A cup of coffee shared with a friend or a loved one is always happiness shared and time very well spent. Who doesn’t love to wrap their hands around a cup of coffee and swallow it... whether it’s a cold Monday morning or a silent yawn, to pull up your socks and start working or to just relax? Who doesn’t reach for one. Know more..


The Coffee Firenze

The coffee Firenze began even before coffee was even a bean, without letting you ponder over that any further, the history of coffee expanses over 1000 years plus. Travelling all across the globe easily just likes is unique enticing aroma and flagging its unquestionable victory all through.The Story of coffee began in Ethiopia in the early 11th Century, were Caffeinating effects of coffee were first noticed when the goats of Ethiopian’s started “dancing” after eating coffee berries.
Know more..

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