Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are coffee beans ?

    Coffee beans are seeds of a small berry .Each berry has two green coffee beans.When the beans are roasted ,they expand ,pop open to give the more familiar look .

    There are only two types of commercial coffee beans grown today (Arabica and Robusta)

  • What are the different roast variations ?

    Cinammon roast/light roast

    New England roast

    Light American roast

    City roast

    French roast

    Spanish roast

  • Which are the different countries producing coffee ?

    Here are the top producers of coffee in the world.











  • Why do grinders matter ?

    Once ground coffee should be consumed as fast as possible.This is because once the beans are grinded there is more surface area exposed to air and much of its flavor will be lost .Depending on how you are brewing coffee you will want to have a particular grind coffee .
  • How important is water in preparation of coffee ?

    Water makes up 99% of the brewed cup of coffee but often it is over looked.There are two things to remember about water



    *Filtration : If possible avoid tap water and use filtered water instead for brewing your coffee .

    *Temperature:It is recommended to heat water approximately to 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit( approx 93 Celsius).if the water is not heated ideal to this temperature essential oils will not be extracted .

  • What are the different espresso based drinks ?

    Americano,latte,mocha,cappuccino,espresso macchiato, latte macchiato,flat white,cortado,galao,breve,long black ,affagato,red eye etc.
  • What are the different methods of preparation of coffee?

    The difffrent methods of preparation of coffee are:

    French press

    Siphon pot



    Mocha pot

  • How to store coffee ??

    Probably the best storage containers are made from glass or glazed ceramic which have the added benefit of being easily cleaned .If glass is used the container should be kept in dark location,the containers must be able to maintain air and moisture -proof sea
  • How much caffeine is there in decaf coffee ?

    Decaf should range somewhere in the 2-4 milligrams of caffeine per cup range .
  • What is kopi luwak ?

    The only coffee of commerce today that is the product of an animals digestive tract is kopi luak or luwak from Sumatra ,Java and Sulawesi in Indonesia .